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Master design project



PRAISE facilitates communication between presenter and audience to create feedback. During a presentation the audience is able to express their level of engagement which is communicated to the presenter. Afterwards a discussion is initiated on key moments where engagement was especially high or low. Afterwards, the information gathered is used to generate clear and relevant feedback supported by data from the presentation and discussion. The feedback can be accessed quickly, or be explored in more detail.


The system is modular, allowing for the choice of more complex or simplified displays during the presentation and reflection. The system is also suitable for online lectures, where getting an idea of the level of engagement of the audience may be more difficult.

For this project I have looked at the implementation of AI within a multi-faceted environment with specific needs. This project has taught me to create a modular system that may be personalised based on skill level. Additionally, this project has taught me to look at the role of Artificial Intelligence and the way in which Artificial intelligence fits into the holistic experience of using such a service.




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