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ORO reporting

 Final bachelor project



ORO treatment & expertise is a care facilitation centre in North Brabant which treats clients with an intellectual disability (ID). Within ORO communication about clients is key as communication skills of people with ID are generally less developed. Information from treatments is therefore stored within reports. Over the past years ORO has had a digital revolution and the amount of reporting workload has increased to communicate better to several stakeholders such as other practitioners, the municipality, the insurer and family of the client.


ORO reporting is a service which aims to improve the quality, efficiency and process of day reporting. It combines a set of survey questions which is linked to a structured and visual dashboard based on survey question answers.

Textual report suggestions (based of survey answers) and AI features aim to speed up the reporting process by providing suggestions when writing the report and within the survey respectively.


Within this project I managed the whole design process from beginning to end on my own in collaboration with ORO. I learned to, just like a consultancy, collaborate with a real company to solve a real problem in a professional context. I designed the whole design process from scratch. Using service design methodology, creating the data visualisations and making the UX Design.



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Treatment goal progress

Emotions throughout process

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