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This project was done in collaboration with Philips for the case Home Care for cardiac patients. The project was conducted over the course of 8 weeks. In the end a final concept with a user-market fit explanation was presented.


The final concept is called LifeLine. LifeLine is an app and website that visualises the cardiac path of the patient. The patient can bring the lifeline to appointments to clarify for different healthcare workers, such as the cardiologist or the general practitioner, what has been done previously or is planned in the future. The medical professionals, for example a nurse specialist can access the system whenever they want to as it can be accessed through existing Electronic Patient Files and E-mail.

Lifeline introduces the support of medical students who are part of a Philips student innovation team. Patients are assigned to one or multiple medical students. The role of the student has been specified over the last weeks. Through ethical considerations, the role of the student has been confined to technical support and practical support in the care path. 


Within this project I’ve learned to design for a multi-stakeholder setting with a business related view. I’ve used several business innovation strategies to come up with a viable solution for Philips Healthcare within the case provided. From stakeholder insights I’ve created a UX concept that introduces a new stakeholder. Together with the project group we have strategically looked and validated a proposition that is relieves pain points within the complex health system but remains feasible.

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