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Koos Service Design




From September 2020 until the end of January 2021 I did an internship at Koos Service Design. I did an internship to get a taste of what it is like to work in a design studio, focusing more on the business aspect of design and working with designers with more expertise. Koos is a young enthusiastic company that focuses on improving user experiences through means of a Service Design methodology, by delivering UX design work and by transforming businesses in a user centric way. 


Throughout my internship I was part of a total of 3 large projects, 1 academy and a variety of smaller projects that I helped out with.

Within my internship I learned working for real clients in a design consultancy, improving my graphic design skills to better visually communicate my designs and to acquire practical skills in the field of customer segmentation, touchpoint strategies and Service Design. I have learned to use a variety of Service Design methods in the context of projects. Lastly, I learned theoretical and practical knowledge about UX design by following a UX academy. I created UX designs and discussed them with others.


Project I took part in

Life of an intern blog



UX academy mock-up

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