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ID Connect

Student participation

2018 & 2021


2018: Kinderpostsokken

I participated in a project from Study Association Lucid for Kinderpostzegels in 2018 (Children stamps) to think of a new concept for Kinderpostzegels. I visited an initiative sponsored by  Kinderpostzegels where less fortunate children got a chance to make their own play. 


Based on this experience we created ‘Kinderpostsokken’ (Children socks). An addition/replacement for the stamps which decrease in popularity. The socks would still contain a stamp on the sock label to retain nostalgic value. During the event ID Connect our case won through a jury and attendee vote.

2021: Canon printing preview hub

In 2021 I participated again in ID Connect. This time for Canon Production Printing to create a way to better preview so called ‘elevated’ prints. Canon Production Printing mostly sell their prints and printers to other companies (B2B). It was therefore necessary to create a way to both preview at home and at Canon’s printing facility together with the client. 


As a result a printing preview hub was created to bring together several ideas into one ‘previewing’ service. Several ideas were conceptually worked out including projection based previewing, AI processed video previewing and Augmented Reality previewing. I the last 2 concepts and created the UX prototype for the app.


App screens created in Adobe XD

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-22 at
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