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From September 2022 until january 2023 I did a project at is a software company located in Breda, the Netherlands. CM is a CPAAS company (communication platform as a service). They provide a platform for businesses to sell tickets, do marketing, communicate via different digital channels (SMS, whatsapp etc), provide chatbots and provide online payments. In order for businesses to provide a better digital customer experience for their customers (B2B2C).

Within CM I have done a UX design project within the Mobile Marketing Cloud team. The Mobile Marketing Cloud (MMC) is the marketing solution of CM. Businesses can send newsletters, send messages via different channels, create landing pages and automate the communication through different triggers.

The goal of my project was to create a more seamless user experience when using different Mobile Marketing Cloud apps. The goal was to create a UX design that fits th current platform and is easy implementable by developers. 

The project included 3 iterations and focused on creating UX designs hands on. Quickly iterating on the designs to improve them and making them implementable.

This project taught me to work together with developers in order to create implementable UX designs. I also improved my skills in Figma & Sketch and got acquainted with using a Design Language System to design for. This was also my first time experiencing a real UX project. Looking at UX designs on a detailed level. I learned to tie the UX focus to a roadmap. A more holistic and long-term view combining my interest in UX, service and business design.

*Note: this project was done under an NDA so no more pictures or information can be shown on this page.


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