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Master course


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To answer the need for more artistic orientation amongst children a design solution was proposed within an 8 week course. ARteach is a painting app used on an interactive touch screen such as an iPad in classrooms for children. Through means of artificial intelligence the drawn canvases by children are processed and classified underneath an artstyle. When an artstyle is significantly recognized by the algorithm children ‘unlock’ new art movements with corresponding brushes and tools in the app to further draw and explore with.


Additionally, children can learn about the unlocked movements. The aim of this app is to show children painting is not just an act of making (and being creative) but also an act of exploration, inspiration and diversity.

The AI feature within this design tries to evoke a feeling of ‘magic’ for children. As the algorithm automatically detects an art movement and shows up in the act of painting.


This project taught me to come up with solutions where Artificial Intelligence can be useful and is desired. At the same time we looked at the proposed interaction and belonging values. In order to create an ethical and aesthetically pleasing implementation of AI with a strong user experience for the targeted audience. I created the UX concept and learned to create an AI scenario, showing the interaction with the Artificial Intelligence.



Frame 12.png
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